Make the most of Unmanned Systems potential

What’s on offer?

GUSTA, an Academy that offers a wide range of services all related to Unmanned System operations.

Operator TRUST ensures good selection and correct training provision.

Ground school qualifications that are formally accredited and logged.

TTP training advice for through life operations and support.

Pilots, Payload/Sensor Operators, Weapons SpecialistsImagery Analysts Technician courses & personnel that will help you make the best of your products.

Manned or Managed Services. Require a working solution with a lower risk threshold? Need personnel to assist with your operations, training or courses? Engage with us early and let us assist you with your requirement.

Consultation on ALL Unmanned System matters including Training, Equipment & Employment/Tactics. A complete beginning to end, with follow up, training solution.


Why Us?

AV8 can offer Independent, current and qualified Unmanned Systems advice to match your specific enquiry.

We can provide Military solutions as well as extensive, up-to-date, commercial and civilian market applications, operations, training and selection guidance to fully enhance your desired outcomes.

GUSTA provides a one stop, straight forward, no mysteries approach to Unmanned Systems applications, training and operations. Complete with award winning instructors,  it ensures the customer remains the focal point. We believe that not one team has all the solutions.

We choose our partnerships very carefully to ensure the most modern, up-to-date methods, services and equipment are delivered on time with minimum fuss.

All Academy training is designed and developed within an ISO 9001 framework and in accordance with the Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT).


Take The Next Step

You’ve had the thought of using Unmanned Systems in your operations or project, you’re now in the right place to help you take that forwards.

It is important to ENGAGE US EARLY….

Need an Operational/Tactical advantage?

Our team, with valuable expertise from live operations around the globe mixed with extensive experience in the civil sector, have developed into Subject Matter Experts in their own right!

Meet your requirements.

Whatever product you choose from AV8/GUSTA, it is the most up-to-date information, and conforms to the latest regulation.

Let us guide you smoothly through a solution that best suits your needs.

Get in touch now, engage with us early in your project and move forward in the world of Unmanned Systems operation.

Sapienter Si Sincere