About AV8 UAS

AV8 UAS Solutions Ltd is a UK registered company made up of EX British Military Personnel from all 3 services. Every member having thousands of hours of operation in their particular field, coupled with civilian exposure in recent years, they can all be considered Subject Matter Experts in their fields of operation. We believe in accurate, professional and safe capabilities being delivered at all times, setting our company ethos around both extremely high values and standards.

Formed in 2012, AV8 UAS has since made some very strong partnerships to form what can only be said is a world beating academy in terms of Unmanned Systems teaching, training, advice and operations. It is currently the only academy of its kind WORLDWIDE with complete strength in its depth. In terms of operational experience and SME level knowledge in all types of Unmanned Systems, Payloads/Sensor/Weapons, Imagery Analysis and the highest levels of simulation all in one place, there is no other.

Our expertise lies in 5 separate areas, those being:

  • Managed Services
  • Consultation/Advisory
  • Personnel Selection
  • Training
  • Simulation

We select systems carefully and without bias so they meet the requirements of operations relevant to the client. A client can choose any particular part of our service or indeed a whole solution package. Our training now falls under our Global Unmanned Systems Training Academy (GUSTA) to allow for separation from our managed services. This removes any conflicts of interest within our expansive Safety Management System. The big winner is the client as they gain, via our Operations Safety Cell and Standards Evaluation team, training that is supported by full time operations.

Civilian and Military teaching qualifications combined with SME levels of experience make this company along with its Academy, GUSTA, an unrivalled provider in complete package training solutions and advice.

Also a training provider leading to UK CAA assurance with CPL-U Ground Schools, you can rest assured within GUSTA.