TRacked: Not just initial selection but a through life/career solution.

•Role Specific
–From Ab-Initio through Senior Operator to TRI/TRE
•Through Career
–A complete career cycle to next role application
•Provides insight for adjustment of training to meet  specific training outcomes/needs.
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Unmanned Systems:
•Can complement complete set      Space, Air, Ground, Surface & Sub Surface
•UAS Specific (different silhouette needs)
Tactical + (incl armed)
Future (incl UCAV)
Selection Tool:

TRUST uses a mixture of objective data taken from telemetry outputs from a simulator, reaction times and responses to a set of aptitude tests and four-way observations ranging from self report to observed behavior under four different environmental conditions.

•Physical skills
•Cognitive skills
•Impact of personality and behaviour on performance
•Effect of environment and situation on performance