Unmanned Systems Training

unmanned vehilcle traning

The Global Unmanned Systems Training Academy:

Our facilities at the Aviation Park at Bournemouth airport give access to the perfect blend of classroom facilities and live flying environment set in the beautiful surroundings of the South Coast. This also allows excellent travel links for National and International customers.

Together with our partners the Academy provides a no mysteries approach to Training, Qualifications and Support Solutions.

The training you undertake can be to gain specific qualifications, including the current CAA Permission For Aerial Work for the <20kg class. It can also be tailored and delivered to suit your organisational requirements.

We also have one of the most adaptable Hi-Fidelity simulators currently on the market. This will be used to enhance courses but also to allow for any size and type, system training. 

Look through the links, see who our partners are that make up the Academy. Get a feel yourself for where the Academy can take you, your organisation and your ability to operate wisely, effectively and safely.

We also support research and development organisations with one eye on the operations perspective.

We also provide special service courses for all categories of operation. Disaster/Emergency Services, Law Enforcement, Coast Guard, SAR, Border Protection, Pipeline monitoring, Agriculture, Littoral Surveys, wind and solar farm monitoring and not to forget our mission rehearsal training to name but a few.

Global is in the name. We can come to you!!