The Academy believes in a “bottom up” approach to all training to provide a full and deep understanding of the Aircraft, the Systems and how they blend into Operations.

Operating SAFELY and keeping RISK As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) is the key driver to understanding how your UAS will function in different environments and situations.

We have varying platforms to train you with. Fixed and Flying wing, Helicopters and Multi-rotor platforms give us an almost complete systems solution. We are also able to offer advice on Lighter than Air options.

Currently all our systems fall under 20kg (including Nano) for flight training but options are opening up to larger systems in the future.

We begin with Ground School and Simulator training, moving on to Radio Control (RC) control flight for full platform understanding, before moving onto Ground Control Station use. It is considered by the Academy that full understanding of what you request a system to do by GCS control is grasped by users. This will aid with safety, functionality and improve operational effectiveness. It also allows for full understanding during malfunctions and appropriate action that can be taken in a cost effective, but more importantly, SAFE manner.

The Simulator we have is used to enhance the live flight training, it also allows us to exploit the Beyond Line Of Sight operations arena. Allowing us to load any particular customers air system of choice into its database. This allows us to have a GENERIC and SPECIFIC training capability.

VENOM’s flight models are developed to accurately meet the training requirements, specific UAS platform and mission set for each customer. This includes aerodynamic and engine forces and moments, equations of motion, platform sensors, control surface actuation, and flight control laws for fixed-wing and rotor-type platforms (quad, octo, helo, etc.). Our VENOM Baseline has a choice of multiple UAS platform flight models, which includes a generic Quad Copter, the RQ-11 Raven, the TP Heron, and the MQ-1C Grey Eagle but can be changed to suit a customer requirement. We can even integrate our system into yours!