GUSTA can provide complete beginning to end solutions for many different operators.

Combinations of Theory, Ground School, Operation and bespoke Simulation courses will provide the perfect blend for ANY organisation wishing to use Unmanned Systems to compliment their operations.

This will be coupled with Currency, Competency, Tactics Techniques & Procedures training that will provide a complete Turn Key, beginning to end solution with through life support.

Our unique training arena allows us to use many varying scenarios and put your organisation in any situation it may find itself. Be it from Safety Management System set up, Safety Culture mentoring, right through to the operations themselves we cover all the bases.

Come to GUSTA for the “how to” of Unmanned Systems in your organisation.

Military, Close Protection/Security roles that involve full mission rehearsal training will be using the NEMESIS simulation system. Please enquire about this system for more detail.

Civilian Organisations will make use of the VENOM training suite for full operations solutions. Please enquire for more details.
  • Law Enforcement
  • Disaster and Emergency Services
  • Coast Guard/SAR
  • Border Protection
  • Oil & Gas including Pipeline monitoring
  • Agriculture
  • Littoral Surveys
  • Wind & Solar Farm application
  • Structural Surveys
  • Archaeological Surveys
  • Conservation
  • Fishery Protection
Film Making also makes it onto this ever growing list of opportunities, operations and developments where GUSTA can provide the assistance you require.